I have quite an outgoing personality, really. I make friends very easily. I can mix quite well with people that I have never met before, and with people form different walks of life. I like to be friendly to the people around me, and I don’t normally like to let my bad moods, and anger and tension inside of me, come out and affect other people, if these moods get to strong , I normally just become quiet. I am generally happy, though. My attitude, generally, is that there is one life and that we should live it as fully as possible. .So I try to fill my life with different experiences. I enjoy meeting people, especially other students, and also others who I feel are like me and like travelling and trying to find the essence of life in everything that they do. I strongly believe that we should try to help those around us in whatever ways we can, whenever possible. But, like everybody, I can’t remain positive all the time . Sometimes I get depressed and sometimes I get angry, but, as I said , I try to keep these things to myself. However, if I am feeling really sad, I am quite able to talk about it and to share it, to try to make it easier, and if other people aren’t feeling too good, I try to encourage them to do the same thing.